Co-operative housing

If you are successful in your bid for a Co-op property, you will be required to apply for membership of the co-operative. This will involve a meeting with Management Committee members. The meeting will be about the co-op and the opportunities for you to participate in the community here. It will not be about your housing circumstances.

You must apply for, be offered and accept membership before a formal offer of a tenancy can be made. The Co-op can decide to not offer you membership. If you are refused membership you will be given an explanation and a right of appeal.

As a co-op member you will be expected to support the work of the co-op and attend the Annual General Meeting. If you do not wish to apply for and take up co-operative membership then you should not bid for any co-op property advertised.

If you do not wish to apply for a co-operative membership please do not bid on the property advertised.